Shaping meaningful places

A new approach

Woven Spaces offers a new approach to shaping meaningful places. We offer a combination of commercial property development, vibrant placemaking and shaping creative experiences. These activities are always interwoven, affecting and influencing each other, never operating in isolation, often infused with a sense of fun.

People make spaces

We believe people make places. And while every place matters, with more than half the world’s population now living in cities, cities matter most. As Jane Jacobs said, the point of cities is ‘multiplicity of choice’. Yet choice in our cities has declined in the economy of the cheap and disposable.

There’s an opportunity now, to bring a new quality of thinking into how places are created and reimagined, because the built environment is a crucible in which human actions, connections and relationships are continually formed and transformed.

Build quality

People – and places – deserve better. That’s why we have a different way of considering how spaces become places, an approach that turns nowhere into somewhere. After a crisis like the Covid pandemic it’s easy to say build back better . We prefer to say, always build better.

Woven Spaces blends a successful track record in value creation, experience design and public curation with an maker’s understanding of material practice. Our vision is to weave the endlessly diverse threads of location and identity into shaping meaningful places.

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